The new Short Fuse album "The Force of Hate" will be available on August 28th. Come out to the CD Release party at the Oakland Metro on that date. Details can be found on the Facebook event page here:

Short Fuse™ Biography

Short Fuse™ is a six piece, Melodic Death Metal act from the San Francisco area who craft their compositions by skillfully combining melodic riffs with powerful driving beats augmented with electronic background scores and savage upfront vocals. One of the hardest working bands in metal, shortly after their formation in the previous year, they released their full-length 2005 debut album, "Hate Brought to this Place Called Home". The album, which was produced by Juan Urteaga (Vile, Machine Head, Skinlab) with select tracks engineered by Professional Murder Music frontman Roman Marisak and skillfully mastered by Tom Baker of Precision Mastering (Marilyn Mason, Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails), kick started the band into full gear the moment it dropped.…read more »
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